Meh. I was so looking forward to this movie as the storyline was quite interesting. However, the execution was not good. Perhaps it caters to a different type of audience. Nevertheless, it does not seem to be here nor there or this or that...the movie does not seem to know if it's a drama or a sci fi or a teen punk rock rebellious thing or what.

The casting was wrong and the costume designs really amateurish. I'm surprised they got Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning for this movie. Perhaps they're regretting being in it. Camera angles, cinematography and all that technical stuff....amateurish and confusing.

I'd categorize this under 'long airplane journey when you have absolutely nothing to watch, listen to or read'. If it was me on the plane with this movie the only thing for entertainment, I'd probably rather just meditate or doodle on the napkins or something. I could not get myself to finish watching this movie.

fvrlfellow's rating:
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