The Tattooed Girl
The Tattooed Girl The Enigma of Stieg Larsson and the Secrets Behind the Most Compelling Thrillers of Our Time By Burstein, Daniel Book - 2011

I am reading this in between other books, (Jan 2012). Very interesting! Feb 3 2012, small print, so I only read a little at a time, but is still good!
Feb 16.....still reading little bits at a time, hope to finish this one after done with "April Fools Day" (Bryce Courtenay.) This is still very interesting. Feb 23, 2012. Just finished "Room" and now I am going to dedicate my reading time to finishing this off. Have been checking in on it during the past few weeks and it still holds my interest, which surprises me! Feb 29, 2011....just finished this, have been reading the last 3/4 of it over the past week, and I must say I am officially "Stieged" out. Very interesting facts, but I wouldn't read this all at the same time again. I will refer back to it in the future, as it interviewed many interesting people, and gave me alot of ideas for books to read in the future. All in all a very good book, but best taken in small chunks!

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