Life Season One DVD - 2008

Sarah Shahi is wonderful in Person of Interest and Damian Lewis is fantastic in both Homeland and Billions. So I was really excited to watch this series, especially because I also love cop drama's, etc such as Bones. There are good things about Life and definitely the concept has a lot of potential. But there is some fairly so, so writing and directing compared to the other three shows these two actors took on after this project ended. So if you, like me, are going back to watch this after being impressed by POI, HL, etc then brace yourself for lowering the bar.

One other thing, I just finished the ep from the 1st ssn that is supposedly about a hate crime against a young middle eastern couple and the opening scenes / music are truly awful. Whoever greenlit playing a goofy silly crappy song over images of two Persian kids with bullet holes in their heads and "Go back to where you came from" spray painted above them should have been fired. There was nothing funny or goofy about the physical set or the subject matter or the the way it was laid out. I realize the current political climate in 2017 can make one even more sensitive to this subject matter but seriously trying to take this crime and these violent images and some how play it up with a comedic edge was so very wrong. I'm sure many involved must have been pretty embarrassed when they saw the final cut with the music included. The only good thing was that Sarah Shahi was able to tap into her Persian background and show a character speaking Farsi that is generally relatable when typically middle eastern characters are typecast cliches in American television.

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