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First time I've watched Night of the Hunter.

This film is what you called messed up. For a 1955 movie... I mean audiences must have reacted like this was Seven back in the day.

Charles Laughton. I only know him from his excellent performance in Witness for the Prosecution. Well he made this movie, too. And this film only. DAMN that's a shame! Because if he turned out another 10 movies as good as this, he'd be hailed as one of the great directors. Come to think of it, even with this movie he IS hailed as a great filmmaker.

This movie is just one of those classics. It's a great thriller, great performances. Always nice when acting in an older movie doesn't come off as dated. It's surprisingly funny and it's something else to look at.

And you have one of THE great movie villains.

The only bad thing about this movie is that it's the only movie Charles Laughton ever directed. First time at bat.... and he knocks it out of the park. Even Kubrick and Scorsese had to make a few movies to iron the kinks out.

But The Night of The Hunter is pretty much perfect.

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